Working Remotely Part 2: Mexico

By:  Paul Nelson

A few months ago, I shared about how much I have enjoyed working remotely for BDM over the last 16 months. Now I have taken it to a whole new level, working from another country. I am currently 6 weeks into my 3 months stay in Quintana Roo, Mexico. I lived on the island of Cozumel. My condo and home office overlooked the ocean and allowed me to hop in the water within 30 seconds after my work day was done. Now I am in Playa del Carmen, heading to Tulum in a few days.

What I have learned/experienced so far:

Mexico is included in most cell phone plans so I can call, text, and use data for FREE at no extra cost.

Being down here is not a distraction, it is motivation and a reminder of how grateful I am to have this job.

Island living is a dream come true. The people are nice, the water is warm, and it is peaceful.

COVID precautions are better here than back home in Colorado. Everywhere I go, even the grocery store, we are given hand sanitizer and are temperature checked. People here have a sense of responsibility to keep the island safe so people will come.

People here are not bitter or desperate. This island is heavily dependent on tourism. The cruise industry is shut down and normally this is a prime stopping point. The people here work hard, are persistent but not pushy or disrespectful. It is beautiful to see their grace.

When I am not at my desk, I have been going to the gym 3+ times a week, swimming, diving, and eating well. The food here is very high quality (not imported) and much cheaper than in the United States. Being out of the country does not mean I am on vacation, I am living here and working normally as I would if I was home in Colorado.

I Recently went snorkeling in the deep ocean, rented a canoe and went free diving for the first time down to sunken ships. It was another dream come true. Doing scary things is fun!

Once again, I am reminded of how being a digital nomad is not a controversial idea anymore. I do my work, I do it well and that is what matters.

Grateful to live my life each day.

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