Direct Response Social

Interact One-to-One With Customers to Build Loyalty and Drive Results

Have you been curious about whether social media can be used to drive a direct response result?

  • ● See better conversion rates
  • ● Get more inbound traffic and improved search engine rankings
  • ● Improve customer satisfaction
  • ● It’s cost-effective and doesn’t require a big budget to test
  • ● Increase brand awareness and loyalty

Anyone can place a network buy in social media. We leverage the personal power of social media to drive results for direct response campaigns using a wide network of Social Media Influencers. The power of personal recommendations translates to sales with our unique approach turning impressions into sales.

Can social media truly deliver direct response results at KPIs our clients set? YES it can. We have developed a proprietary method that generates results for you.


Cracking the Code in Today’s Hot Influencer Marketing Space

We have driven results for several clients promoting products on Instagram with influencers large and small. We’ve worked with the traditional model, collaborating with them in a way that is organic to their personal brands. We’ve also been successful with non-traditional accounts, placing our client’s stock ads among their content and relying on unique offer codes to track sales performance.

The Instagram influencer program has grown significantly since 2017, exceeding the million-dollar mark in annual revenue. With a constant testing rate of 30-40%, the program has skyrocketed in 2020, seeing successful promotions for new clients and record high sales for our largest, most established clients.

We have made it our mission to not only deliver outstanding results for our clients, but also to foster professional business relationships with thousands of influencers to bolster their businesses and our clients’ bottom line.

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