The Direct Response Podcast

Over 100 million Americans listen to podcasts weekly

Podcasts can be tricky, but we know how to reach highly engaged consumers using direct response methods. For the savvy marketer, it’s a great way to reach this hyper-targeted audience.

  • ● 80% of podcast listeners were able to name the advertised brand and 61% bought a product or service from a podcast ad.
  • ● Podcast channels drive an average 34% lift in conversions, as compared to an average 2.6% lift across non-podcast channels such as digital display (1.1%), print (2.4%), and linear TV (3.1%).
  • ● Monthly podcast listeners have higher education (53% with four-year college degree or more) than the average U.S. population (39%).
  • ● Monthly podcast listeners have a higher household income (41% with $75K+) than the average U.S. population (29%).

Benefit from our strong relationships with network reps and directly with shows allow us; let us negotiate aggressive direct response campaigns for you. Show formats are available across the board, providing plenty of opportunities for all types of target demographic customers.


We designed a campaign that provided the podcast host with the direct response URL, a special offer for listeners, and a unique offer code to use at checkout. The client saw record-breaking growth:

  • ● Sales grew to $500,000 annually by 2018 with 200% ROI.
  • ● In 2019, sales almost doubled to $992,000 with 241% ROI.
  • ● By mid-June 2020, sales records were smashed with $916,000 in sales and 260% ROI.

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