Direct Response Radio

Tailor your buy with precision

You’ll benefit from our deep expertise in direct response radio. We have unique insights into the stations, networks, and shows that generate results for each product category.

Work side by side with us to define your goals, metrics, and targets. Using our broad mix of planning and research tools, let us recommend the channel mix that will work best for you, whether it’s:

  • National Network Radio
  • Satellite
  • Streaming
  • Local Spot Market
  • Exclusive In Program Opportunities
  • Remnant Buying

You’ll have full access to a menu of opportunities, including:

  • Proposed markets
  • Hours of airing
  • Ad rates
  • CPM
  • Audience numbers
  • Frequency

We write and produce your DR radio creative. Then we evaluate your media performance to hone and improve upon the program. If the numbers indicate it, we’ll pivot and apply to other media. And if you’re a first-time buyer, we’ll take the time to educate you, too.

The numbers don’t lie: we have a track record of successful spots that drive to our clients’ KPIs.

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