Direct Response Video

 Nothing Is More Powerful Than Video  

In today’s digital marketplace, video marketing is the key to reaching your most desirable demographics. But a successful direct-response video campaign demands the combination of quality keyworded content and a clarion call that motivates viewers to action.  

Based on comprehensive research and decades of experience, we have produced countless video marketing campaigns with impressive results.  

We offer full in-house production services, including keyword research for optimal SEO and a full range of creative services, to our clients. From concept development to simply adding video to existing content, all you have to do is approve the concept; the rest is in our hands. We’ll take the reins on the project or partner with you every step of the way, depending on your level of time and interest in the details of the project.  

We’ll produce video marketing campaigns for YouTube, You Tube Shorts, Tiktok, Instagram, and other video platforms. Utilizing our proven four-step marketing strategy, we drive views to the videos and grow your exposure and audience.   

Video Is The Hottest New Trend For Audio Podcasts!   

The smartest thing you can do is turn your audio podcast into a video!  

The challenge is getting enough of the right audience to listen to your audio podcast so that the opportunity has scale and impact! The existing podcast platforms do not have meaningful tools to market your podcast. There are best practices to follow for a podcast show and its title descriptions. Still, a listener is not going to search for a keyword in their favorite podcasting directory. An industrious listener might stumble upon your podcast, but they will not likely find you. It’s like searching for a needle in a haystack!  

The good news is that Google gives YouTube videos high authority, and high ranking in its search returns. So even if your target is not searching for your content on YouTube, it will find a well-optimized YouTube video and offer it up in the returns. Google loves video!   

In summation, video needs to be a part of your content and lead strategy. If you are already doing the work of producing great content in the audio podcast form, you can dramatically expand your reach by adding video! We can show you how!   It’s easier than you think! 


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