Video Marketing is Here to Stay

By:  Matthew Pearce

Have you noticed the significant trend in businesses using video as a marketing tool? A recent report in Hubspot tells us 85% of companies are now using video as a marketing tool, which is up from 61% just five years ago. And businesses are NOT publishing just one video and calling it quits. They are publishing regularly.

How do you get your videos to stick out in the vast big ocean of video content on YouTube? Did you know that 300 hours are published on the platform every minute of every day?

Deliver Quality Before Quantity

With so much content out there, what can you do to make yourself stand out? Remember, the typical audience either wants to be entertained or have a question answered. Could you possibly do both! Help solve a problem in a fun and entertaining way. When you are watching videos, pay close attention to what you like to see and try to replicate that the best way you can. Remember, attention spans are very short, so get to the point and have fun with it!

Don’t Be A Huckster

Know that your viewers’ time is valuable and get right to the meat of what they are searching for. Remember you have to earn their respect, and the more they consume your content, the better it is for you. YouTube will reward you by serving your video to new prospective audiences, if your video is a hit.

We find that those videos that help answer a problem and don’t over-sell, often perform better than those who use a sledgehammer to push an offer. Try to demonstrate your product’s value and emphasize some of its key elements, then let the consumer decide if the product or service is right for them.

Have A Plan And Get Started

Don’t be afraid to jump into the world of video marketing, but make sure you have a plan and stick with it. YouTube rewards those that publish regularly delivering high quality content. At BDM we can help you craft a video marketing strategy that will get you results

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