Should You Consider Reaching Your Target Audience Through Game Marketing?

By: Janet Couperthwaite

Who would you define as a “gamer”? Probably not who you think as most believe gaming is mostly a younger audience. Some interesting stats about who is making up the group of “gamers” in the US and why you should possibly consider game marketing in your overall marketing channel mix.

To give you an understanding of why mobile gaming is so lucrative for marketers, 80% of smartphone users play games on their phone, nearly 50% of which play games daily, putting in approximately 1-2 hours of gameplay each day. The Demographic of Male and Female mobile gamers is almost equally split (46% Female to 54% Male), with the average gamer being 34 years old.

These numbers show that the market is vast and varied when you marry those figures up with the integration of smart devices into daily life, it becomes quite evident that whichever target audience a business is aiming for there is a high probability your audience is well within reach through the various game marketing channels available.

With the ever-changing spheres of technology, culture, and business all effecting how marketing is received, marketers need to be willing to adapt or expand their approach to audience targeting to identify new channels that reach their target audience in a cluttered and disparate marketing ecosystem. There are several ways to reach the gaming audience whether that is through console gaming, web gaming such as YouTube or Facebook Gaming, mobile gaming, in-app game advertising and even Reddit has game marketing. The channel possibilities for game marketing are quite robust and there is a reason –in 2021, the video game market size in the United States is projected to surpass 65.49 billion U.S. dollars.

The game industry is getting bigger each year. So for those that are still on the fence or just have yet to explore the benefits of enhancing your overall marketing channel mix, perhaps it is a good time to take a look at how game marketing can help drive new customer acquisition as we move into 2022.

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