Instagram Shares Tips On Using Stories This Holiday Season

By: Leanne Lambert

Instagram Stories should be a part of your strategic planning for the holiday season! Here’s why… IG Stories has become one of the most popular elements within the app.

Because Stories is physically located at the top of the feed, they are a more visible way to keep up with your audience, not to mention a great way to offer your latest products or services! Instagram suggests not merely reposting your feed posts in Stories, it doesn’t capitalize on the engagement potential of the various features available within Stories to help drive more action.

Instagram has shared some new tips – you can check them out here. But let me share some of the tips I really think are “must-do” to help you through the holidays! 

Tip 1 – Be authentic and share snippets of your day.

Tip 2 – Share your business story. How did you start your business? What inspired you? What funny or interesting things happen within your business? The point is to deepen your relationship with your audience.

Tip 3 – Use the full-screen format. Bigger is better to show off your products!

Tip 4 – Create tutorials. Audiences love to see how to use your product, these Stories are always popular!

Tip 5 – Create testimonial Stories. Ask a happy customer or client their opinion of your product or service. People will develop a better sense of trust.

Whatever your strategy for the holidays is, be sure to try a few of these tips! Happy creating!! 

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