A New Way To Shop & Sell For The Holidays

By: Tanner Nored

It’s that time of the year again! Get ready for a new way to shop for the holidays. Instagram is making it easier than ever to check everything off your shopping list—from name-brand stores to small businesses. It’s your one-stop-shop! Users are able to search their favorite shops through the shopping tab and make purchases directly through the app. The shopping tab also includes items personalized to the shopper based on their style & likes. Another way users can discover different products is through IG Live and Reels. Their favorite creators and/or brands can share products that ​their followers may like—so they’ll never miss a thing.

Instagram is not only helping shoppers, they are also showing businesses how they can use its platform to succeed this holiday season. Their holiday success guide includes details on how to make potential sales by managing their catalog, setting up promotional offers, and, most importantly, using product tags. Product tags are essential to helping people find and learn more about the products. Without a product tag, users will have no idea what’s being promoted.

Instagram is confident their tools will help companies expand their brands and make shopping a little less hectic this year. As a business or a simple user, will you be using Instagram this holiday season?

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