Serve Up Snackable Content In 2022

By: Leanne Lambert

What is snackable content? 

Snackable content is straight to the point, short-form content that lends itself to being shared on social media platforms. It is created to be visually engaging and is often posted consistently to help boost marketing efforts.

The main objective of creating snackable content is to offer immediate entertainment in order to prompt social sharing to attract new leads and followers. 

Here are four of the easiest snackable content formats to try: 

  1. Quote Graphics: Grab attention by using a compelling quote that is supported with captivating visuals. A good quote is the delicious centerpiece of the snack, but don’t forget to add tantalizing imagery to take it to the next level! 
  2. Memes: Memes are quick, targeted, and tailored to be entertaining. This popular option can be easily scrolled through and shared with others, be sure to add them to your snackable menu! 
  3. Infographics: This format is one of the best mediums for relaying informative content. It’s not only fun and engaging, but practical too! Imagination is the only limit for the ways you can apply infographics. Don’t overlook this option when thinking of bite-sized content to share.
  4. Gifs: Here’s another type of truly bite-sized content. There is tremendous potential to go viral with the gif format. They are extremely versatile and can be used to show captivating images that will certainly add spice to your offerings. 

Expand your online reach by adding some fun, snackable content to your marketing plan. Get cooking up some delicious content today! Enjoy! 

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