By: Erica Bystrom

According to EZ Texting agency, Americans sent over 208,000 texts in the time you took to read this sentence.  There is no doubt that drive to text can offer amazing reach as over 5 billion people have mobile phones now. Also, another outstanding statistic is that text messages have a 98% read rate – 90% within three minutes of sending!

According to Teradata, only 29% of Tweets, 21% of emails, and 12% of Facebook posts are ever read. A Cellit study found that coupons attached to a marketing text message have a redemption rate 8x higher than when attached to an email.  Direct response advertising has several Call To Action options and drive to text is one not to be ignored.  Not only does text provide reach and engagement stats that are a dream come true, but content creation is more simple than other media channels.

An SMS (Short Message Service) text is text only with limited amount of characters.  You can have a quick direct message that gets right to the point.  You can get more advanced and create an MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) text which can include pictures or even video along with your text character limit.  Text is a quick way to get your audience to view your offer and be just a click away to convert that lead.  Best of all, texting is cost-efficient.  We are talking pennies!  This means also easy to hit frequency with your target customers.

We have found success with drip text campaigns where we deliver multiple messages to each person over a planned schedule within a specific time frame.  And there’s also a failsafe where anyone can opt-out of receiving texts which keep us from advertising again to someone that is not interested.  Contact BDM Inc to learn more!

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