Mobile/Social/Digital Are Top 2022 Advertising Priorities

By: Paul Nelson

A survey of top marketing experts revealed mobile, social and digital are their top focuses for 2022 advertising priorities. They were asked which media environments and ad formats will be top priorities in 2022.   76% said mobile as #1 (which includes web and apps).  72% said Social, 61% said digital video (including CTV & OTT), 56% desktop and 48% said audio/podcast.  This focus on mobile shows that consumers are still mobile despite any restrictions still in place.  Plus, the growth of remote working and hybrid working further puts mobile video streaming ahead.

Asked which social media will be their top priority, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube continued to be at the top.  However, Twitter & Tik Tok have moved up quite a bit since 2020.

Looking at traditional TV, 82% agreed that the shift from linear TV to digital video will rise and 77% said that advertisers will continue to expand into new streaming services.  Lastly for audio 78% agreed that ad-supported audio streaming will continue to grow.  Although many thought audio will face serious challenges in the next 12 months.

As a marketing professional, I agree wholeheartedly with what the other experts have stated, mobile, social and digital formats are great.  Mobile video is the best place to be due to the constant movements of consumers right now.  From buses to planes to car rides to the gym, everywhere I go people are watching TV on their phones.  Plus, with so many streaming services now, it just makes sense to keep testing new ones.  Tiktok has blown up in the last 1-2 years and opens a big door for advertisers.  Podcasts certainly are popular, and the right ones can create huge gains for any advertisers.

2022 is a great time to try new advertising channels.  So be sure to include mobile, social and digital in the mix. Take risks, test, adapt.  Happy Holidays!

Source: IAS Survey Published In MediaPost

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