Instagram Adds Stories Likes

By: Leanne Lambert

Instagram has added a new, effortless way for users to engage with Stories content with their new feature, Stories likes. This will make it possible to ‘like’ any Story in your feed, and let the creator know, without having to start up a DM conversation.  

This is great news, especially for those that cringe when they see they have a DM notification (like me)! Of course, sometimes it is from a person you want to communicate with, like a friend or follower that is sending you a DM to say they like your Story. But now, with the new option, Stories likes, viewers can simply click the little heart icon at the bottom of the Story to give it a like, no DM necessary.  

Although this is a low-key way to engage with Stories, it could have a substantial impact by increasing Stories engagement and ranking. 

Only the creator can see Stories likes. They will be able to view their Story likes in their Story insights. There will be a small heart icon added next to the viewers’ names in the listing.  

Although this change is not a huge addition it could have a big impact if Instagram decides to use the insights that will be gained to support growing user engagement.  

So, keep your eyes open for the little heart icon to show up soon. The update rolled out on Valentine’s Day, how sweet is that?  



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