Instagram Introduces Subscription Service for Creators

By: Tanner Nored

Instagram is slowly rolling out a new subscription service that allows creators and influencers to charge a monthly fee for exclusive content. This will help creators earn a monthly income from using its platform and give followers an opportunity to be closer to their favorite accounts through the subscription service. Facebook launched a similar program in 2020 that received positive feedback, so Instagram hopes it will have the same reaction.

Many influencers and creators rely solely on Instagram to make a living. Instagram believes a subscription service will give them a sense of stability even when their engagement fluctuates. Adam Mosseri, head of IG, stated in a video, “Creators do what they do to make a living, and it’s important that it’s predictable. And offering a subscription service is one of the best ways to have a predictable income, a way that is not attached to how much reach you get on any given post, which is inevitably going to go up and down over time.” If this service works, influencers will be able to focus on their creativity without worrying about reach or engagement.

Creators will be able to set a subscription fee to unlock extra content and benefits for their followers. Some benefits include: exclusive IG Lives, Stories & badges — which lets the creator identify the subscriber. Is a monthly subscription worth it? Will people actually pay money for exclusive content from their favorite accounts? Maybe — depends on how much influence the creator has. Followers may be able to develop connections with the creators and/or receive special discounts on specific products.

What about companies wanting to work with these influencers and creators? Only time will tell how it will affect influencer marketing, but companies may be able to implement specific subscription content in their marketing plans. We’ll see! What are your thoughts on Instagram subscriptions?

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