Extra Direct Response

By: Erica Bystrom

Direct Response media buying is fast-paced and KPI goal-oriented.  As a radio and podcast audio-focused buyer, the rules still apply.  Find the media that best fits the target audience at the lowest price/CPM.  But it’s more than that.  For polished and best customer service, you must also cover the extra.  First and foremost, CPM is not always accurate when first presented in proposals.  For example, a rate for a broad rotator like 6a-mid in radio is not presenting an accurate CPM.  The primetime audience is much different than the evening daypart.  In podcasts, CPM is most effective when looking at average downloads per episode.  Looking at average monthly downloads over course of several episodes is not legit.  As a media buyer, you must be detail-oriented and organized to ensure all criteria are the ultimate most efficient.  But that’s not all.

Going extra direct response includes the push for freebies!  Can we add bonus overnight spots?  Can we get an additional bonus week scheduled?  Do podcasters have social media platforms and can we get a mention, a tag, a story, a post, etc.  What can we do to make this test the most it absolutely can be?  The best media buyers set you up for the best chance of success out the gates.  If you don’t ask, you definitely won’t get anything extra.

And what about safety nets?  It’s important to negotiate cancel policies for protection.  Not everything is going to work.  But the goal is to quickly remove the media that isn’t pulling and focus on the media that has the scalability.  And with that comes tracking capabilities.  Extra direct response means making sure each DR piece has its own tracking ability so buyers can learn exactly where the growth potential lies.

None of this extra work is possible without the strong relationships that have been established with media networks over the past 20 plus years.  Proving ourselves to be a reliable partner has allowed us to negotiate the best deals possible for our clients.  Everyone wins when the best effort and most aggressive pushes are made.

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