Dreams Do Come True: Working & Traveling in 2020

by: Paul Nelson

In December 2019, I created my dream job. I got the opportunity to join a culture that is caring, supportive, collaborative, creative and insightful. After being turned down for the job two months earlier, I earned a second chance. I leapt at the opportunity. After flying down a few weeks later to introduce myself to the Owner and Founder of Bautista Direct Marketing (Mary Ann Bautista,) I accepted the offer.

It has been my dream to work remotely for years. I am an avid traveler who believes that the quality of my work is the most important thing. And, that if I do a great job, it should not matter what city, state or even country I am located in. Mary Ann gave me the opportunity to prove this belief as true.

First, I flew down to Florida for the Holidays, a few weeks after starting. My original plan was to just stay there a week. Then I realized “wait…I work remotely, I can just stay,” so I did, and got to spend three wonderful weeks with my family. I got to work from the beach, walking down the boardwalk, the balcony, our beach house, my parent’s backyard, a botanical garden, a Japanese Zen Garden and even a butterfly conservatory. It was a dream come true.

Keep in mind, this was not just a great job because I was working remotely, this was a great job that I would have wanted even if it wasn’t remote. I love the work. I love handling the television advertising budgets for clients. Especially, a major client that allows me to spend $50-100K a week on Television Advertising alone. Plus, I get to learn so much, from OTT to Programmatic to Cable and even dip my toes into Podcast and Social.

My next trip was in February/March, 2020 when I went to Chicago for a workshop then stopped by Wisconsin for a week before heading back home to Denver. I also went to Costa Rica for 8 days in early February proving that I can work from another country. One day my friend, who worked from home as well, wanted to spend time with me. The plan was to take me on a snowboarding lesson/adventure on a workday afternoon. Thanks to the willingness of Mary Ann, I was able to go on this adventure.

Since I’ve had this remote, flexible job, I’ve had the chance to travel and work in so many places (and even during a pandemic!), including San Francisco, San Diego, Orange County, Nevada and much more.

Dreams do come true; all you must do is believe in them.

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