Are you experimenting with Instagram sponsored ads?

by: Mary Ann Bautista

Are you experimenting with Instagram sponsored ads? But not getting the results you’d hoped for?

Thousands of small and big businesses alike feel like they “have to be there,” but are frustrated by the results they are seeing and are not sure what it all means? And what it’s really doing for their businesses.

We’ve developed a method that utilizes IG influencers and gets a trackable direct response result, that hits your KPI! Whether that KPI is a lead, direct sale, or other, we won’t just get “engagement” or buy at the lowest “CPM.” We will get the results you need to justify the ad-spend.

If you are interested in either expanding or replacing your IG efforts with trackable results that deliver an acceptable ROAS and response… we just may have what you need! Let’s turn that IG spends into a trackable program that drives an acceptable Direct Response result, hitting YOUR stated KPI or goal ROAS. Hit me up for more details!

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