Adapt or Die: Bobbing & Weaving In A Constantly Changing Social Media World

By: Trisha Fawver

H.G. Wells wrote, “Adapt or perish, now as ever, is nature’s inexorable imperative.” How true this statement rings in the world of Social Media! Being social, this media is a unique challenge for marketers. It ebbs and flows with progressive social tides, constantly changing its rules, policies, and even basic user interface over time. As marketers, we must change with it. 

I have found that it is important to keep my ear to the ground. Our current socio-political climate affects Instagram users and creators. We have always found that social media advertising is different than traditional media. For example a radio buyer may avoid buying ads on a holiday due to less commuters in their cars listening. We might, however, lean in to advertising on a holiday knowing consumers have time to kill at home on social media. We have had to adapt this year, changing our posting schedules quickly to be sensitive to social unrest and protests. Our ad creative has also changed drastically. We’ve had to tastefully ride the line between ad creative that is relatable to our current pandemic situation, yet not insensitive to the seriousness of it. 

Listening to our influencer partners’ concerns about the ads we are creating, when we are scheduling posts, and how we’re trying to reach customers has been crucial. While we know what KPIs our campaigns need to hit as direct marketing professionals, we also have to realize that these influencers know their audiences best and we need to be adaptable when given that information. Often subtle changes can make the difference between a successful test and a failed one. 

So don’t do all the talking in your business. Listen, and consider all points of view. They always lead you in a good direction, they can spark ideas that will help you adapt to an ever-changing consumer base and media. 

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