OTT Is The Trend BUT Linear Is Still Your Friend

By: Paul Nelson

As a seasoned TV Media Buyer, who put his roots down in linear buying, I am a bit biased.  I admit it.  In recent years however, I have seen the power of OTT (Over The Top/video content not delivered via a cable box or satellite dish.)  Spending $50,000+ a week on Hulu, Tubi, Pluto, and others, I have seen the light.  OTT is the future.  And in 2020 as people are home and more isolated than ever, OTT is on the rise.  Every day it seems there are new OTTS.  As a millennial myself I am what you call a “cord never,” never had cable and don’t want it.  Streaming is just so much easier.

I’m Still A Big Fan of Linear

While all of this is true, I am still a big fan of linear.  I still spend vast amounts of money with major players like Viacom, NBC, and Discovery.   They do produce well for my clients.  I have had to get creative and step up my negotiation game to keep linear competitive.  It has been working.  I enjoy the challenge and have built linear programs that still delivers to client goals.

Test Your Clients On OTT

So yes, if you have not tested your clients on OTT yet, then you are trying to run a marathon with your shoes tied.  You need to get in the race.  However, linear is still there, still working, and is your friend.  As long as you are creative, persistent, and patient, you can make both work!

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