Q1 2021: Best Time For DRTV

By: Paul Nelson

Did you get pre-empted and see your rates get jacked up in the second half of 2021 due to political and holiday spending?  Join the club.  You are not alone.   Now that all of that is behind us, Q1 2021 is the time to buy. Here are 4 reasons why:

  1. Inventory is wide open:  January offers the lowest rates of the year and that lasts for most or all of Q1.   You can test at super low rates and likely clear the majority of your placements.
  2. TV Audiences are high: Its cold for most of the country, so people are inside watching TV now more than ever during the rest of the year.
  3. COVID:  On top of the cold weather in most of the US, many are staying home watching TV due to lockdowns or general fears of the pandemic.  Even more eyeballs in Q1 2021.
  4. Q1 is the self-improvement quarter of the year.  New Year’s resolutions bring promises to improve in a large variety of ways.  Be it the classic “losing weight” to “organizing” and even “meeting the love of my life,” consumers are shopping for products and service to achieve their goals.

As an experienced DRTV Media Planner and Buyer I have bought through every crazy time period and with every strategy you can imagine to help my clients achieve their KPIs.  But one that has always staid tried and true for me, buy heavy in Q1 for DRTV.  It works, the time is right, the weather is cold, go low on rate and with COVID, now is the time more than ever.

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