Back To Basics

By: Angela Brahm

As we head into the last half of 2021, it’s clear the economic recovery from the pandemic is going to be bumpy and inconsistent from industry to industry. If your business needs a boost in sales and has a limited budget, direct marketing can be used to effectively show how well your current advertising is working which can give you the ability to prioritize the best performing efforts over lower-performing efforts.

Limited budgets require heavy program scrutiny and an additional level of direct response creativity! The answer is usually not to forgo spending on advertising completely, as rebuilding a media-related revenue stream can be really challenging. Instead, evaluate all of your advertising activities and hone in on the ones that are driving your best results. Direct response tactics can be added to most creative quite easily and will give you the data needed to make the right decisions.

If your advertising-related media streams are not working, consider returning to the basics! Have you considered email, newspaper inserts, postcards, radio, and other “old school” methods? Many of these DR models are alive and well and delivering leads and sales to many industries.

Sometimes going back IS moving forward!

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