Animation: Affordable & Effective for Marketing

By: Louis Rebecchi

Modern video production techniques continue to provide new and exciting ways to communicate as Direct Marketers. A rising trend in video production is animation, which can be an effective communication and marketing tool, at a fraction of the cost of traditional video production.

Animation allows simple visuals that communicate clearly. In many cases, animation allows for visuals that would be impossible, or very expensive to reproduce in live-action. For this reason, it pairs very well with explainer videos and digital communication but is also a rising trend in direct marketing and television commercials.

Animation trends come and go. Whiteboard animations were very popular just a few years ago but have given way to infographics and pop-art animation that is trendy today. However, while animation techniques may date more quickly, producing animated video is economic enough to allow more frequent production- freshening up the look of commercials and marketing video more often, while still adhering to marketing budgets.

There are a growing number of DIY animation solutions online- from free web-based tools to premium drag-and-drop software. Many of them have a similar look and feel and can all produce effective results.

However, easy-to-use animation software in amateur hands will likely produce lesser results. Working with marketing and production professionals will maximize the potential of your animated video. Our direct marketing professionals understand how to craft an effective message and format an engaging and dynamic video that drives response- ensuring you get the most from your animation.

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