Why should I use video in my Amazon listings?

By: Leanne Lambert

Having a product video on your Amazon listing will make a huge difference for your business. Most importantly, product video on your Amazon listings will help shoppers understand your brand and product, help them to make a purchase decision, and increase sales.

 According to Webretailer, there are some impressive statistics about adding video to your listings!  – 96% of consumers find video helpful when making online purchasing decisions. – 79% of online shoppers would rather see a video to get information about a product than read the text on a page.  – The right product video can increase conversions by over 80%.  The best videos highlight product features and benefits and show their uses. Two popular types of product videos are “explainer”  and “comparison” videos.

Explainer videos dive deep into what a product does and how it works. Comparison videos show what the product is capable of, compared to the competition.

Videos offer a large amount of information quickly. They inform viewers about how they are supposed to feel about a product. It is information they want, so they are more likely to stay on your listing. A video that provides value is sure to be viewed all the way through.


When creating a video be sure to focus on product attributes to show the buyer that they are getting exactly what they want. It’s the best way to show the product’s value, uses, brand information, and unique selling proposition.  Video on your amazon listing can also help reduce negative reviews, by clearly stating what the product offers and what it doesn’t, so buyers are less likely to buy a product that doesn’t meet their needs.

If you’d like to learn more about how to take advantage of video, reach out to Bautista Direct Marketing for more! Happy selling!

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