What stops scrolling? Short videos that solve a problem! 

By: Mary Ann Bautista

What stops scrolling? Short videos that solve a problem!  We are big proponents of shorter videos these days.  They are cheaper to make, can utilize UGC for authenticity and credibility, and are “snack-sized” for easy and quick consumption.

But what really sets a short video apart and stops the scroll, is the same thing that direct response advertisers have known and employed forever and in every media channel!  That is: “solve a problem.”

How do you determine what problem to focus on?  Understand your products’ USP and try several of them.  Short videos can be produced so inexpensively, you can try as many as your budget allows.

Take for example a hair care product for naturally curly silver hair (not to get too personal here!)

The hair care product that I love and use regularly has several fantastic features and benefits that all solve multiple problems for me:

  1. Keeps the brassy yellow color at bay, which is typical for sun lovers like me.
  2. Leaves my hair squeaky clean, with no residue
  3. Only has to be used every 2-3 washings, so I stretch the product far and save $$$.
  4. Comes in an easy squeeze tube, so I can get the exact amount I want without waste.
  5. Is fragrance-free, so my husband’s sensitive nose is not disturbed.
  6. Does not cause my very curly hair to be frizzy!
  7. Is thick and luxurious, so my hair-washing experience is like a spa treatment!

Now take those 7 features and benefits, loosely script or bullet point each of them, and give to 7 different silver-haired beauties and see what you get!  We find that authenticity and credibility really come through when you do not script too tightly.  Let the talent presenter tell their own story, in their own way with the product in hand, but hitting their targeted feature/benefit at least once during the 30-second to 2 min video.

Stop the scroll and drive more sales with well-thought-out short UGC videos!  And it doesn’t cost a fortune….let us show you how!

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