Want professional looking product videos?

By: Louis Rebecchi

Want professional-looking product videos? Consider these pro tips before you shoot!

There’s little doubt these days- product videos can make or break your marketing efforts!  And while there’s no substitute for professional production, many smaller companies just don’t have the budget for professional services (or just haven’t realized they need them yet!). So when attempting to capture your own product video, here are a few pro tips to help you achieve a professional look!


#1 – Get Macro!

A Macro Lens is a camera lens that lets you get really close to your product so you can capture all its glorious detail. Standard lenses just can’t get what a macro can, and if your product is very small, then a macro lens is an absolute must! Look for a 100mm f.2.8 lens, which is the most popular.

#2 – Soften up the look

Nothing is worse for product shots than harsh lighting with lots of shadows. Go get yourself a soft box (or two) to diffuse your lighting and make everything look nice and even. Just place them around your production lights, and you’ll find it way easier to light your product in a flattering way. Soft boxes don’t need to be expensive- get yourself a cheap one, it’ll make a world of difference!

#3 – What’s that back there?

Clean product shots are typically against a solid background- so if you’re not using a clean paper roll behind your product, you should probably start do that right away! Paper rolls (on stands) are inexpensive and are consistently smooth, as opposed to fabric, which tends to have creases or wrinkles. White or black will always give you a clean and professional look!

#4 – Reflect on your product

A very inexpensive way to add a professional touch to your product video is with a 5-in-1 reflector. A reflector can be used to sculpt the lighting around your product and really take your image over the top. Sure, experience with lighting and reflectors goes a long way, but it’s easy (and fun) and just get in there and experiment! You’re bound to add some interest to your shot, and that could make all the difference!

#5 – Make your move!

Of course the key to engaging video is movement, and the solution is fairly simple when shooting products. Get yourself a lazy susan for your product to sit on and give it a spin! You’ll capture valuable 360-degree shots, and add some dynamic visuals to your video! It doesn’t have to be anything fancy- just a standard lazy susan will do!

Professional-looking product video is not easy to achieve for inexperienced filmmakers, but these small tips may help you get what you need until you’re ready to step up to the big leagues!


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