What Keeps You Up at Night?

By: Angela Brahm

You know the never-ending business problems that give you sleepless nights? Add in a pandemic and the issues seem overwhelming.  But are the issues that different from any other year?  In most cases, no.

You probably have the same issue on your “to-do” list as you always had: Gaining new customers at a price that you can afford.  So, you call in your advertising agency.

Your agency tracks advertising trends.  They have spent time and effort to find advertising options and best pricing based on their experience.  They’ve also vetted related partnerships across different mediums that can help you reach your goals.

As your agency works with you, it could be tempting to think you don’t need them. After all, what’s stopping you from doing the same thing on your own?  Well two things:  First consider the labor cost to run the programs yourself.  Second consider the lack of exposure your internal team will have to new ideas, new media partners and new ways to drive those coveted new customers!  This thinking may work short-term but could be detrimental to your long-term plans.

A good relationship is an agency partnership working towards your goals.  If your goals are not being met, then it’s time to discuss what isn’t working to strengthen the partnership.   Or is it time to talk to another agency to give you peace of mind and a better night’s sleep?

Bautista Direct Marketing may be able to help.

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