Top Digital Marketing Trends Expected in 2021

By: Matthew Pearce

By no uncertain terms, 2020 has been tough for us all. The COVID-19 pandemic ushered in a crashing wave of uncertainty and change, and it’s no surprise that the instinct for many business owners is to proceed with caution as we enter a new year.

Let’s face it, running a business in these uncertain times can be intimidating. But we know with uncertainty comes opportunity. And in the marketing space, increasingly, that opportunity is in digital marketing.

Here are some of the top digital marketing trends to stay on top of for 2021.


Big Data Technology

Two things will continue to boom in 2021; data and all the tech associated with it. Today we use Artificial Intelligence to better understand consumer behavior. We can also use it to communicate and create content in ways better than ever before.

AI is already a game-changer. We can target precisely down to minor data points and predictively determine who will engage with your brand. Once the consumer is engaged, using AI for advertising and chatbots will continue to get more popular. Predictive and augmented analytics will become more sophisticated with AI and machine learning. This will help marketers personalize the ad content that is delivered, adding to increased conversions.

You are already likely aware of retargeting or re-marketing, where you see an advertisement following you after you visit a webpage. Look for this to increase in 2021, as marketers find new ways to enter a decreasing attention span.


Your Values Really Matter

Customers might not care as much about your products or services as you think. But they are likely to care about your values. Consumers are more likely to buy your product

if you can show them you support equality and inclusivity. Sustainability is also important to many consumers.

People want to drive change not just through campaigning but also through the choices they make as consumers. This exciting trend will continue to rise in 2021. Look for more businesses that will incorporate value-based messaging into their digital marketing.


Video marketing

We are all spending more time at home due to the global pandemic. And this change has sped up the popularity of online videos. The platforms that support them, like YouTube and Facebook, are getting more engagement than ever before.

Why such a migration to online videos? For one, they are easy to watch on mobile devices. For sales conversion, consumers don’t want to read long-form sales pages when they can watch a short video. “How to” videos can answer a quick question, tell you how to prepare a recipe, or even change a tire.

Videos also drive organic traffic because they engage people. Having a video on your page makes it 50 times more likely that you will get organic traffic. No wonder it’s one of the most important digital marketing trends for 2021.


Welcome the New Year

2021 undoubtedly will be an exciting year to watch. As we look forward to the end of the pandemic, we also have more ability to reach your target consumers on their terms in a way that we have never done before. Let’s hope we use these new tools responsibly and build a better future for us all

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