Covid-19 Changes Our Communications For The Better

By: Louis J. Rebecchi

There is no doubt, the COVID-19 pandemic has permanently changed how we do business in many ways. It has forced organizations worldwide to reflect, reevaluate and ultimately, adapt. And at the forefront of these changes has been the need to find new ways to communicate.

At this point, we can easily see how the use of communication platforms like Zoom, Teams and Google Hangouts have become the norm. But we may not have noticed the rise of other forms of digital communication- in particular, the use of Digital Media, the catch-all term for digital video, audio and visual presentations. This media may take the form of video updates, animated explainer videos, infographic presentations, self-guided presentations, educational modules, or any other form of packaged audio/video information distributed through a digital medium.

Although the use of digital media for remote communication has been in place for years, it is only during the COVID-19 pandemic that we’ve seen it become essential to business- leveraged and explored in such unique ways as to permanently alter operations and redefine communication models. Across every industry, remote communication through digital media & digital communication platforms has grown into a top tier concern- a tool required to conduct business.

Digital video is supplementing, and in many cases taking the place of team communication, training & education, pitches & presentations, product announcements, town hall communication, investor relations, corporate presentation, instructional design, marketing efforts and so much more, these digital media pieces have been called on to carry much of the interpersonal load that simply isn’t possible in the current environment.

But perhaps most interestingly, organizations have discovered that digital media can do this job quite effectively! It is capable of communicating in an organized and engaging manner, that can be superior (and more cost effective) to the practices of yore! While organizations optimize their remote communication to cope with current requirements, the effectiveness of digital media solutions will continue to be realized and permanently replace many previous forms.

That is not to say that traditional, interpersonal communication will never, or should never return. It only suggests that through necessary adaptation, we have discovered new, effective forms of digital communication that do their own unique thing very well, and will earn a permanent place beside traditional communication once those forms open back up.

This year and beyond, we believe that organizations will continue exploring even more ways to leverage digital video & audio pieces for their varied needs. They will produce more video, more audio, more interactive presentations that are specifically designed for effective remote communication.

This is a positive and exciting change, especially for us here at Bautista Direct Marketing. We look to leverage our expertise in trackable advertising programs to help clients become more effective communicators, leaner and meaner, while exploring how emerging digital communication formats play new roles in direct response marketing.

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