Shop on TikTok

By: Tanner Norad

TikTok is one, if not, the biggest social media platform with over one billion active users across the globe. For those not familiar with this platform, it is a video-sharing app that allows users to create content through song, dance, tutorials, and other popular trends. Brands have even taken part in this phenomenon. Similar to Instagram, TikTok allows brands and companies to reach a broader audience and increase brand awareness through the use of video.

It appears TikTok has been following in Instagram’s footsteps in terms of influencer marketing, so it should come to no surprise that the platform is adding a shopping feature. The shopping feature – which has already been introduced in parts of the United Kingdom – is a simple, hassle-free way for users to purchase products without ever leaving the app.

According to TikTok, “Tiktok shop is an innovative new shopping feature which enables merchants, brands and creators to showcase and sell products directly on TikTok through in-feed videos, Lives, and product showcase tab.” Users can easily skim through the shopping tab or follow the link provided by their favorite creators that would lead them to the retailer’s shopping page.

How can companies benefit from this feature? The use of popular TikTok trends (which are ever-changing) could help drive users to the brand’s page, which, in turn, may lead to more sales. Since most influencers have a loyal following, brands can continue to utilize influencers to promote their products and direct their followers to the company’s shop.

We’ll see how the response will be once this feature is introduced in the U.S.  But if folks are already using their free time browsing the app, you might as well promote your business and fulfill the user’s shopping needs.

Are you looking forward to the TikTok shop feature?

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