6 Tips To Repurpose & Repackage Your Media Content

By: Leanne Lambert

  • Repackage & Repurpose: If you have a particular post that always does well on Instagram, repurpose it for the other social media platforms you use. It is easy to do, just update the image and refresh the copy a bit, and you are ready to post.


  • Get Ideas from Other Artists: If you have any artists you love to follow, there is nothing wrong with getting inspired by their ideas and making them into yours. Change the colors, add some text but use what you love about it, while still being you! I have a folder called “how others do it” that I look into when I need inspiration.


  • Take Advantage of Trends: Trends can be a wonderful way to go when creating social media platforms. Just be sure to jump on the trend quickly because they disappear as fast as they had appeared in the first place!


  • Use FAQ! Every company has a most asked questions page on its website. You can repurpose these FAQs into pleasing graphics and run them as a department once a month within your media schedule rotation.


  • You Must Be Social on Social: The whole idea of social media is to be social with one another. Take time each day to target some of your followers. Even 15 minutes a day can help grow your audience


  • Collaborate With Others: Many social media groups can grow rapidly by collaborating with other like-minded products or businesses! It never hurts to reach out and just see if there is any interest in working together. Or even repurposing each other’s best ideas!


We hope you enjoyed these tips and have a Happy 4th of July!

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