Reels Are Generating The Most Reach & Likes On Instagram

By: Leanne Lambert

Recent data collected reveals that video Reels are the best option, at present, for maximizing reach and engagement on Instagram.

Considering that Instagram’s current focus is on growing video engagement, IG continues to embrace and lean video to best serve its users.

According to the recent research gathered by HypeAuditor, in which 77.6 million Instagram posts were analyzed during the month of July 2022, Reels offered the best option for maximizing reach on IG. In all, they measured the latest engagement trends based on format including; image, carousel, Reel, and video.

Here are some interesting tidbits the research uncovered:

-The most posted type of content on Instagram remains image posts, at 42% of all posts. Carousels came in second, at 26%.

-Reels, despite being the third most popular post option, are seeing the most reach on the platform, by a notable margin, with a total estimated reach of 33.8%.

-Reels are also generating a lot more Likes at 35.4% according to HypeAuditor’s research, however, with the rising hype around short-form content, most users are have not posted a Reel yet.

With this interesting news in mind, it might be the right time to start adding Reels to your marketing mix. Experiment and see what kind of exciting feedback you might get!

There is a reason Meta is excited about the future of Reels, and it might just be worth considering in your Instagram marketing. There’s no time like the present to try it and see how it can enhance your overall strategy.

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