Influencer Marketing Content: Now What?

By: Mary Ann Bautista

Now what? 

So, you’ve found your influencers, contracted with them to post on your behalf, reviewed their content prior to posting and approved the post. Hopefully, now, you are seeing engagement numbers, views and if it was a strong selling post, even sales! What is next? 

Well, we hope that you took our recommendation and contracted for the use of the content in part or in whole for a period of time, or even in perpetuity, which is what we always shoot for! The next step is to evaluate and determine if you have any really big winners! Did one or more of your influencers do a particularly great job styling, modeling, or demonstrating your product?  Choose a few of those stellar posts that really shine and put them to work. 

The next step will be to determine if you want to make any edits?  Would adding music or a v/o take the content to the next level? Maybe consider reskinning the content to add a branding element or a “Call to Action?”  Or is it just perfect the way it is… up to you! 

Next, consider how to repurpose the content?  Well really, the sky is the limit, but here are a few ideas. 

  1. Add the content to your Product Display Page. This is a no-brainer and has a HUGE sales benefit! Consumers will click on the video and view the content.  They love to “watch” rather than to “read.”  Perhaps consider an auto-play or looping video?  The content should answer questions, add more detailed information, and inspire usage.   It also makes the consumer feel more confident about their purchase.  Additionally, they are getting that 3rd party endorsement they seek.  Instead of opening another tab and navigating away from your site, they get the questions answered that they are asking and add solidity and credibility to the purchase decision.  Another biproduct, they stay on the page longer, keeping their attention on your product and engaged in their buying decision.  And we all know that the longer they engage, the better chance that they will hit the BUY button!  In fact, one statistic states that when influencer content is viewed on a PDP page, conversion rates jump on average 3Xs. That’s HUGE! In e-commerce the average conversion rate is 2%… imagine converting at 6%.  That’s business and LIFE changing! Want to know how to automate that content onto your PDP pages?  That’s too detailed of a question to answer here… but there is a way.  Ping me and I’ll explain.  
  2. Use the content in your social media channels.  Great content should be shared… use it! This is the cheapest and easiest repurposing of the content.  Consider using it in paid social media as well.  
  3. Use it in your digital display executions and for retargeting.  
  4. Cut the content into your branding pieces.  Does the Influencer represent your brand well?  Capitalize on that!  
  5. Use the content in your video ads.  This saves thousands and thousands of dollars in production costs.  AND it is more credible, more believable and more impactful to the consumer to view the IGC, vs a slick production piece that was clearly designed and preplanned for their consumption.  
  6. Finally, use the content in your catalogs, newsletters, save a sale program, etc… really the sky is the limit and only limited by your imagination. 

What other marketing executions can you think of for the IGC?  I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas. 


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