Fresh Graphic Design Tips Into 2022!

By: Leanne Lambert

Are you looking for ways to keep your marketing campaigns fun and on-trend for 2022?

Here’s a list of 5 ways to keep things fresh:

Bold Backgrounds – In a busy social media feed, using colors that will catch attention quickly helps ensure your message is getting seen. Whether you use a solid bright color or an interesting abstract image, don’t be afraid to use color!

Fun Data Visualizations – As consumers are getting used to seeing infographics to present facts and figures in an interesting way, it has opened the doors for designers to use smaller, snippets of a graphic with fun pictures and type to get across information that could often be overlooked in a presentation. Use fun data visualizations to help engage your audience.

Serif Fonts – Using a serif font may seem old-fashioned, but lately, more and more designers are using them to help convey a simpler time and feelings of trust. It might be a good option for your campaign depending on the overall message you’re trying to get across.

Quotes – Now we’re not talking about rehashing popular, everyday motivational quotes from past celebrities or authors. Brands are now using quotes from today’s relevant blogs, podcasts, videos and webinars to give consumers a hint of the content they are about to read.

Branded Memes – We all know that memes are popular to share among friends and family. And now, more brands are using them to add levity to their campaigns in order to communicate on a fun level with their customers.

Whether you use one or all these ideas in your online campaigns, it’s always a good idea to keep things fresh and on-trend  so your customers stay entertained and engaged.

Happy designing!
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