Essential Skills For A Media Buyer

By: Erica Bystrom

With 17 year’s experience under my belt at Bautista Direct Marketing Inc., I have learned what skills are necessary to be a successful media buyer.  Clients depend on media buyers to make their Direct Response campaigns not only hit their KPIs but also grow their businesses.  Clients rely on media buyers to walk them through each and every step of the process.  We at BDM Inc have reached great success with our clients as we possess all of the skills needed to get the job done.

Communication is key.  Two thirds of recruiters across all industries say communication is the most important skill.  As media buyers we need to not just communicate but communicate effectively for a smooth process.  Media buyers working with clients’ needs direct and at the same time negotiating on their behalf with advertising vendors for the packages their clients require for success.  Internally, there is analysis of data to be examined closely so that all learnings are explicitly clear and concise.  Clients need to be informed of all details and in the most time sensitive, and constructive delivery.

Flexibility is essential.  Buyers need to move with the changes and fast.  All platforms – radio, podcast, TV, social media, etc. see advertising updates and changes consistently. Buyers must be quick to react and form new strategies and opportunities.  In addition, the media world is constantly coming up with new ways and methods to reach audiences.   Buyers must stay on top of all the new opportunities to get their clients messages received.

Creativity is paramount.  You can’t be in advertising and not have a creative mind.  Brainstorming ideas for your client is imperative.  So many times, our team has left a brainstorming session and walked out with lists of ideas to present to investigate and potentially to present to our client.  Taking the time to just let the ideas flow and bounce off other people is a huge part of business growth success.

Organization will make it all work.  Finally, there are so many balls to juggle.  The best buyers are organized, detail oriented and know how to move at a quick pace all at the same time.  It keeps the job from being boring and it makes the success come that much quicker!

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