YouTube New Analytics Updates Focus on Shorts Content

By: Leanne Lambert

YouTube has announced a range of new analytics to include new data on subscriber growth, Shorts thumbnails, new subscriber recognition options, and more. There will be a new element to YouTube Studio that will display a breakdown of subscribers gained by each content type, providing more context on video performance.    Although access to that information was previously available, now, YouTube will be bringing this data up-front, making it easier to see how each video, and video format, is contributing to your YouTube channel growth. As YouTube looks to expand the usage of short-form content, it also wants to better highlight to creators just how popular short-form video is, and these insights could help to provide more perspective in this respect.

YouTube is also adding a new display of what content your audience is watching across format types on the YouTube Studio mobile app. It will be broken down by viewer history of Shorts, videos, and live streams, which will provide more context as to what your audience is interested in.

As per YouTube:  “To see this card, go to studio analytics, audience tab, and filter videos your audience watches by content type. The goal is to give creators a better understanding of what types of content their audience is watching to help with inspiration and keep an eye on what is happening in their space. This may be especially insightful for formats a creator has not tried yet or does not publish often. For example, shorts, live, et cetera, et cetera.”

The rapidly growing short-form video format has made this a key growth focus for YouTube, and it now needs to get more creators to upload Shorts to fulfill this demand.

Another new option will enable Shorts creators to select a frame from their Short to be used as a thumbnail during the upload process. The opportunity to select a frame for your Shorts thumbnail is only available on Android at this stage.

Are you looking forward to these upcoming changes on YouTube? We short-form video creators sure are!

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