YouTube Keeps Consumers in the DRTV Funnel

By: Leanne Lambert

We are incredibly happy to share this blog derived from a recent article, about keeping consumers in the DRTV funnel with YouTube, written by the president of our agency, Mary Ann Bautista.

YouTube is a powerful tool for keeping consumers in the DRTV funnel. It is the No. 2 website by traffic and the No. 2 search engine in the world. It is also the No. 2 social media site, with comments, engagement, and 1 billion hours of viewing per day. To get consumers into your funnel when they prefer to watch videos about your brand vs. reading about it, you must get your video ranking in those search results. The place to start is by using best practices on your YT channel, including:

  • Do the research to be sure your video content answers the questions that most consumers are searching for.
  • Use your top keywords in your content, titles, descriptions, and tags.
  • Make sure your channel follows all best practices for organization, with scroll-stopping thumbnails, playlists, pinned brand videos, etc.
  • Publishing frequently: YouTube loves a channel that is active!
  • Moderate your YouTube channel by answering questions, engaging with your audience, and building views and subscribers.
  • And marketing, marketing, marketing your video content. How do you market content on YouTube? Well, you can run sponsored ads — and that can help, but it tends to be a short-term solution. A better strategy is to get your content to rank within Google and YouTube by ranking on the critical keywords that consumers are using in their queries. To get that ranking, you must “earn” it! You must give the YouTube algorithm what it likes best.
  • Drive traffic to your content on YouTube by placing your content on other web 2.0 sites like Reddit, Quora, Facebook, etc., and link it to your video on YouTube.

And then, do it again and again and again! Sound like a lot of work? Yes, it is. But if you’re not maximizing your efforts on YouTube, chances are good that you are losing consumers that you paid to generate — to a competitor, that is!

To read Mary Ann’s full article in Results, go here:

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