Vimeo Create Comes To Facebook Business Suite

By: Leanne Lambert

Facebook will be helping more small to medium-sized businesses with their video marketing by integrating Vimeo’s video creation platform ‘Vimeo Create’ into Facebook Business Suite.

Vimeo Create offers user-friendly video creation and editing tools. This includes templates and tools to help optimize your video creations. You can even create videos from photographs. Vimeo Create also includes graphics, text overlays, transitions, royalty-free music as well as other options.

As explained by Facebook:

“When it comes to making videos, we know small businesses might see it as expensive, time-consuming and complicated. But with Vimeo Create, now integrated into Facebook Business Suite, businesses can easily build high-impact video ads, regardless of budget or experience, to reach new customers, engage audiences and make any brand stand out.”

Here’s a couple of pointers from Facebook on creating video:

Grab attention in a few seconds  – The first seconds of your clip are critical in capturing attention. Custom thumbnails can play a key role here, be sure to pick interesting images.

Repurpose your content – Vimeo Create enables you to change the ratio of your video, so you can convert assets into 9:16 for Instagram Stories, or 1:1 for Facebook ads, while you can also edit, trim, and plugin different product shots.  This can be particularly beneficial for creative split testing, as you can easily chop and change elements in the app

Testing  –  You can use Facebook Business Suite to monitor the performance of your video ads to easily see which video performs best.

Vimeo Create will help more businesses move into video content by providing many helpful editing and testing options,

Happy video-making!

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