Video Marketing in 2020 and Beyond

By: Matthew Pearce

Benefits Of Video Marketing

Video marketing is a powerful tool, and its popularity is not at all surprising. Visually enhanced content and images have always been known to attract and retain attention. And video marketing takes this all one giant leap further. Video marketing is one of the most vital channels in engaging the consumers increasingly shrinking attention span.

High Conversion Rates

Including a video about your product on the landing page can boost conversions by 80%. Watching a video about a product makes it more likely that the viewer will buy it. The video can also have tutorials, testimonials, or be an explainer video. Watching a video makes it easier for the consumer to decide to purchase your product or service.

“Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.” — Andrew Davis

Builds Trust And Connection

Videos can help build trust and connection with the viewer, particularly if you have a YouTube channel. YouTube can add personality and a human touch to your brand. At BDM, we have had great success with video reviews. These are reviews with real people giving their honest feedback and demonstrations of your product. This, coupled with a strategic YouTube marketing campaign targeted to your demographic, can really drive conversion.

Videos Are Appearing More Often On Google

Videos, particularly those on YouTube, can help you increase the authority of your website. Add the right keywords, and a marketing campaign can even help the video appear on page one of Google search. Imagine a compelling video review that ranks number one for your keyword!

Smart Marketers Are Using Video

This year alone, digital advertising spending will top $40 million. Currently, Wyzowl reports that 85% of companies are now using video as a marketing tool. What about you?

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