TOP Marketing Trends For 2022

By: Matthew Pearce

Podcasts on YouTube

It might be strange to host an audio/interview feed on YouTube. I mean, just how visual is talking on a microphone, but it’s certainly a new trend. Even with 500+ channels and countless streaming services, if you are like me, there is sometimes nothing good to watch on TV. Well, what if you could watch your favorite influencer or podcast host on TV, basically catch up on their show that you are always behind in listening to? Major podcast hosts like Joe Rogan, Tim Ferris, Peter McKinnon, and others are going down this route in a big way this year. Some host snippets of their podcast; others host the full podcast or make separate channels for their content.

Tik Tok Marketing

Did you know that last year Tik Tok surprised Google as the number one visited site on the web! AMAZING! Tik Tok is not just for crazy dance videos anymore, as businesses flock to Tik Tok. The algorithm is fantastic for attracting people; a single video can get hundreds of thousands or even millions of views, unlike any other social platform. You may be surprised about the kinds of demographics you can reach on Tik Tok. It’s not just teens anymore.

Text Message Marketing

SMS marketing might make you feel a little icky. I mean, it’s been around a long time, and sales messaging is almost as intrusive as the calls you get telling you to renew your auto warranty. However, SMS marketing is growing up with new tools. One of those tools is a service called Community; it allows you to connect and interact with customers like you. It is not necessarily used for sales, but it can help you build your brand and make buyers much more receptive to you when you ask them to buy. An influencer can be part of this conversation and interact with the people they follow. Text Messages have a nighty-eight percent open rate. With email opens at an all-time low, this is a great way to connect with your audience in a whole new way.

Virtual Summits

These are not anything new; it’s simply an event held virtually. We are still in the pandemic, and while I believe people are itching to get out, many are still very cautious about traveling and interacting in groups. However, events and summits are great ways to sell products and connect with your Community. Even though we may be home-bound, there are ways to create great content and connect in a new virtual way.

What do you think? Do you see other marketing trends for 2022? We’d love to hear your ideas.

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