Rev Up Your Social Media Game!

By: Leanne Lambert


A good rule to follow for social media content is the 80/20 rule.

On social media, it’s important to specifically promote your own brand 20% of the time. The other 80% of the time, your content should be material that educates, entertains, or offers solutions to problems. The more helpful and customer-focused your content, the more your brand will stand out as a leader in your industry and help you gain loyal followers.

80% is a big chunk of content to come up with each month! It’s great to keep things as fresh and interesting as possible, which isn’t always easy to do.

Here are a few tips I hope you will find helpful!

1. Share Popular Content
It’s important to catch attention with content that shares knowledge and information for your audience . Sharing content that is popular within your industry will do just that. Look for trending articles and news to share. It’s okay to share 3rd party content as long as you source it properly. Or you could use popular content to spur on your own version of a meme, infographic, or article from your viewpoint.

2. Add Text To Images
Images are what helps to get you noticed. The more visually appealing your image is, the more enticing your post is to your audience. Adding text to your photos enhances its appeal and helps to get across your message quicker. For example, when you’re posting an image that goes with a certain blog post, your audience can tie the message together easier when there’s a text prompt within the graphic layout.

3. Use Quotes As Images
If you have a blog, you have a built-in wealth of content to pull from. Why keep it all in blog form when you can repurpose your content into other forms to generate more awareness? Find a great quote from one of your articles and create an appealing image with that quote. Then, post the image to social media with a link back to that article. Your audience will be more interested in reading the rest of the article because of the great quote you pulled. And it will help renew interest in a blog post that may have lost momentum.

Consider revving up your social media game by working a few of these ideas into your plan.  Happy posting!

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