Reconnect With Your Customers

By: Angela Brahm

As we move into a post-pandemic world, we are struggling with the idea that we have entered a new world and there may be no going back to the proverbial “normal.” Advertisers are finding that people’s emotions are not as predictable as they once were which will make it harder to determine how to reconnect with the target audience.

It may be time to step back and look at advertising from a different angle – broken down into two categories: Logic and Emotions.

Logical advertising is based on providing the practical reasons that your services or goods are needed by your customers. After spending several years with information that showed charts and figures, consumers are more comfortable with hearing and processing facts. If the information is being presented by a trustworthy person or advertising medium, then the message is received more positively, helping to reconnect to their audience.

Emotional advertising is based on the appeal to how a product makes the consumer feel. If you get the message correct, customers will be motivated to make a purchase. Since the world has changed and we found ourselves living without connecting to much of the outside world, consumers seem to be looking for sentimental things; things that make them feel happy or light-hearted; or things that will allow them to feel as if they are reconnecting to others.

How do you think your customers are feeling? Based on your products or services, what advertising message should you focus on to cause your customer to react? At this point in time, injecting humor, nostalgia, familiarity, or something that will inspire solidarity with your customer may improve your current marketing message.

Listen to your customers. How are they feeling and how does your product fit into their future in a positive way?

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