Persistence in TV Advertising

By: Paul Nelson

Times are changing, now more then ever. With people stuck indoors, cold and bored, the TV landscape has shifted quicker than anyone could have imagined. The move from linear TV to OTT/VOD/Streaming in 2020 was massive. People are at home watching TV and are cord-cutters or cord-nevers more than ever before. They are subscribing to one, two or even 3 streaming+ apps. I myself just got Disney+ and HBOMax and am a cord never (and I already had Netflix).

With Podcast and Social Media shinning as the brightest new bulbs for advertising, TV has been cast aside or put down by many advertisers and agencies.

Something I have experienced personally, is a belief that TV is fading and that I am fighting a loosing battle to keep a robust TV programming going for clients.

As a person who loves a challenge, I have used that as motivation to push harder and prove that thinking is incorrect. While I do agree, typical spot buying on broadcast and cable has changed and can no longer be bought the way it was even 5 years ago, TV advertising is not dead and it is actually thriving.

Linear TV spot buying is still a part of my everyday thinking. Cable has done extremely well for my clients recently. Keeping the rates down and CPM’s under $1-2 per thousand viewers for Direct Response advertisers has typically led to clients hitting their KPIs.

Another big thing I have recently pushed hard for is VOD (Video on Demand) advertising. It is a way to hit many quality networks for a low ROS CPM over a long period of time. I just helped a client lock in a massive 1-year deal on VOD because it has been performing so well. And what is amazing, is the last time we tested it in 2020, it did not work for them.

That is a technique I use often, retesting stations that did not perform 6-12 months ago. Going back to it at the same or lower rate (or a different time period) or with a new creative. Then finding a way to get it to work. There are so many factors that could change in 6 months, the audience could grow, the rate lower, the CPM lower, the programming improve or even just the seasons change.

Right now, I am once again going through all of my tests for the last 6 months and seeing what I can encourage clients to retest. Some stations I have been told “don’t work for us” or “have never worked for us.” But then I work the buy, get the CPM low, and boom it works for us now. The key I find is to not let others skepticism stop me from investigating.

To all those TV buyers and planners out there. Don’t give up, keep pushing. Test, retest, go to CTV, OTT, VOD. Find new stations, networks and streaming services to try.

To those that have never given TV advertising a fair shot, give it a shot, it could surprise you and actually make a huge difference in your business. I am always here to help if you need my support. Feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns.

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