Instagram Stories Now Offers “Save Draft” Option

By: Leanne Lambert

Instagram is now offering a super useful, in-app “save draft” option for Stories. 

Before, to save a draft, users had to download their creative to their device, or via a third-party app. But those tools are not native to IG. By having the ability to keep your drafts within the app natively, you will be able to view them as they will appear to users. You’ll also be able to utilize Instagram’s features in your draft creation development and post on the go via the app. 

 The option to “save draft” is activated when you go to exit out of the Stories composer mid-process. When you choose to save a Stories draft, you’ll see a new alert that tells you that Stories drafts are deleted after a week. 

It may not be a big addition to the app, but it certainly helps social media managers by being able to stay within the app while making edits.  For example, if you’re in mid-composition of a Story and you decide you need more video footage or another image of some sort. You can leave the Story, save a draft, then come back later to finish your masterpiece! 

Happy Story creating! 

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