How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Embrace A.I.

By: Louis J. Rebecchi

As 2023 enters middle age, it’s quite evident that the most dominant topic in technology this year has been the meteoric rise of Artificial Intelligence (or “A.I.” as we now commonly know it). Relegated to articles of niche interest just a year ago, the omnipresence of A.I. in the public consciousness of 2023 has stoked both inspiration and fear in anyone even adjacent to technology.

Anxieties are justified.  As marketers and creatives, A.I. will likely change many aspects of our industry as capabilities and functions unfold. The worst of our fears manifest as a threat to our very livelihood. Through already popular text-generative programs like ChatGPT, and image-generative programs like Midjourney, A.I. seems to step directly onto the roles that we have dedicated our lives to perfecting.

But I would make the argument that the backlash from creatives is paranoid at best and self-sabotaging at worst. I see A.I. as nothing more than a new tool. A fresh brush and palette. A sourcebook of inspiration that can unlock new possibilities, previously inaccessible.  Because behind any A.I. generated work, is still required the expertise to wield the tool effectively. A.I. still needs a sharp, knowledgeable, creative mind behind it to direct it and produce effective results- no matter what medium it’s working in. And we are that mind.

The fear then is not of A.I. itself, but of simply learning to harness the technology with confidence. So with this, I implore all marketers and creatives to embrace the medium, take the plunge, and grow with it!  We are in the early ages of A.I.- there is no better time to face our anxieties and become acquainted with the technology. A little goes a long way, and by the time it transcends its vague promises and becomes an actual factor in our industry, we’ll already be leveraging it with ease!


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