Are You Prepared for the Changes Coming in 2021?

By: Angela Brahm

As we begin to put the hardships of the 2020 behind us and we try to settle back into “normal” lives, it will be interesting to see what the “new normal” looks like.  How many people will continue working remotely?  Will people continue to use e-commerce for purchasing goods or will there be a shift back to shopping in retail stores?  And, what about marketing and advertising?  As people move away from lockdowns and their reliance on computers or TVs for a connection to the outside world, companies may face challenges reaching consumers.

It’s a good bet that response rates for traditional advertising channels, such as TV or radio may see an adjustment as people head out of their homes and away from certain technology.  The same could be said for digital advertising and social media.

In 2021, companies that are thinking ahead will shore up their marketing mix by watching the numbers closely and pursuing multi-channel diversification.  The winners will be those that pivot and move marketing and media dollars toward programs and media verticals that are delivering best in the moment.   It’s always wise to be open and consistently testing new media channels, while of course mining the ones that are delivering solid results for you.  Current trends suggest that we may be entering a new phase in marketing and it will be necessary to continually evaluate and be prepared to change course to connect with customers.

We offer direct marketing expertise in multiple channels.  Is there one that you’ve ignored or been hesitant to test?  Let us know and we can evaluate that opportunity with you.  Not every media channel is appropriate for every ecommerce business, but there are probably some that you are not using today, that might make a world of difference if a historically consistent channel begins to falter.

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