Be Prepared When Your Customer Is Double-Screening: Optimize Your YouTube Video

By: Leanne Lambert

The living room screen isn’t the final battleground in D2C marketing anymore. In the age of double-screening, where a whopping 83% of US adults use smartphones, laptops, and tablets while watching TV, traditional commercials often serve as mere triggers for deeper dives within YouTube. 68% of consumers prefer watching videos to learn about new products or services, as compared to articles, infographics, eBooks, and presentations. (Rocketwheel, 2023). So, when your perfectly timed TV ad sparks curiosity, are you ready to meet your potential customer there?

Picture this: intrigued by your ad, a prospect grabs their phone to double-screen and learn more. They type in your brand name, expecting a polished explainer video brimming with information and persuasive value propositions. Instead, they find…well, let’s say your competitors’ on-target content offering the exact answer to their question.  You don’t need to be a fortune teller to guess what is likely to happen next!

This, my friends, is why video optimization is no longer a “nice-to-have,” it is a “must-have.” Your YouTube presence acts as silent salespeople on a platform boasting 2 billion monthly active users. That is an audience primed to learn, compare, and ultimately, convert. So, how do you ensure your videos are ready for their close-up when your customer is double-screening?

Optimize for Search: Keywords are your key to discovery. Conduct thorough keyword research, understanding what terms your target audience uses to find similar products. Integrate these keywords naturally into your video content, titles, descriptions, and tags.

Competitive Research:  Do the competitive research to know how they are winning in YouTube and likely stealing the leads that you paid to develop.

Hook Them Within Seconds: The first 5 seconds are crucial. Grab attention with a compelling intro, highlighting your product’s unique value proposition. Remember, people do not have time for boring intros.

Focus on Benefits, Not Features: Speak your prospect’s language. Instead of technical jargon, focus on how your product solves their specific pain points and improves their bottom line.

Show, Don’t Just Tell: Visuals are king. Showcase your product in action, using quality visuals and engaging storytelling. Consider including customer testimonials and case studies for added credibility.

Call to Action (CTA) is King: Do not leave your viewers hanging. Tell them what to do next, whether it is visiting your website, booking a demo, or subscribing for more content.

By investing in well-optimized, informative, and engaging video content that addresses your viewer’s questions, you’re transforming your YouTube presence into an important step in your sales journey. Remember, when your TV ad ignites curiosity double-screening, your YouTube videos are often the next step in the customer journey. Make sure they are polished, informative, and ready to convert!

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